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A week ago today, my church held a Women’s Ministry event about waiting on God; waiting for Him to answer prayers, fulfill promises, bring us to a better place, etc. While the speaker was talking, I was certain that there was nothing in my life that I was waiting on God for. I was certain … Continue reading

the power of being nice

the power of being nice

Today was an interesting day. Actually, this afternoon in particular was pretty interesting. Why might you ask? Because I felt like God was leading me to do something, and I did it. This shouldn’t be something interesting and it shouldn’t be a surprise when I actually recognize what God wants me to do. But today, … Continue reading


I really struggle with saying “no.” I always have. I always want to be the person that others count on to show up and do what’s needed. I always want to be the go-to person that takes care of everyone else and is considered “selfless.” It occurred to me recently that my “selflessness” is really … Continue reading

the most important thing

There are a lot of important parts of my life. I like to think that I live a very full, wonderful life with lots of friends, family, and general busy-ness. We go on play dates, commit to lots of different organizations through serving, work, and try to spend lots of time together. All of that … Continue reading

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Sometimes, you have an off week as a mama. Things just don’t go the way you want them. That was my week this week, unfortunately. It started off with a nasty stomach bug that I got, then Mr. Wonderful got, and Baby J has managed to NOT get (thank you Jesus!). Then, it just kinda … Continue reading