My name is Jennifer and I was born and raised in sunny Arizona! I currently live in the Chandler area with my husband, son, and fur-baby. I am in my mid-twenties and am a first-time stay-at-home mama. I have been blessed by many things in my life and my family is one of them.

I married the love of my life on July 16th, 2011. Our relationship and marriage has been the biggest blessing to my life. My husband is an incredible man with an amazing heart. I couldn’t have asked for a better man to do life with. We love to spend time with one another traveling, going to the farmer’s market, and loving on our son. Marriage is something that has definitely taught me selflessness. I have learned that marriage is not a fairy tale, but it is most definitely an adventure!

Mr. Wonderful and I have a beautiful baby boy, J. J was born on June 16th, 2012, just before our one year anniversary. Being a mother has been the most challenging and rewarding event of my life. It is incredible to watch my little lovebug grow and develop and turn into such a little man! Each day I spend with him, I find myself falling further in love with this little human being. I love teaching him new things and watching him learn. I guess that’s the teacher in me. Someday, we hope to have more, but right now, we are loving on baby J and washing LOTS of cloth diapers.

I love my life. I wouldn’t really change much of it, except maybe take more showers, work out a little more, cook gourmet meals, and buy new jeans, but isn’t that every stay-at-home mom’s complaint? I find joy in the small things, I am able to laugh in times of tension, and I try to take a deep breath daily to take in all that is going on around me. It’s very nice to meet you!



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