whole 30: a recap

It’s been almost a month since I completed my Whole30. Needless to say, I’m already dying to go back on it, and you know what? That’s perfectly fine. I loved that I had rules to follow and very strict ones at that. I loved the meal planning, food prep,and really thinking about each meal. It made it easy for me to feel confident in what I was eating and how I was fueling my body. It was a wonderful thing.

However, I’d be lying to you if I said that it was easy. The first week was seemingly easy, and I didn’t really go through any of the withdrawal symptoms that I assumed would come, which was really very nice. However, the last two weeks were a challenge. 

I had to become very intentional with meal preparation because with a two year old at home, it was challenging to get home-cooked meals ready three times a day. I spent one day each week pre-cooking meat, chopping veggies, and just getting baggies of snacks ready so that I’d reach for a bag of veggies and nuts instead of some crackers. I also came to find that preparing my meals and keeping track of produce on a whiteboard on our fridge was extremely helpful in figuring out what was about to go bad and what needed to be used sooner rather than later. 

Over the course of the 30 days, I lost a grand total of 13 pounds and have gained 3 of those back, which puts me at a grand total of 10 pounds lost in 30 days. I can say that my pants are way looser, my face looks thinner, I have a ton of energy, and my skin is amazingly clear. I’ve really enjoyed finding new ways to eat healthy and really teaching my family how to eat healthier too. Baby J has been loving everything I’ve been making which is awesome for a picky toddler. 😉 

I have to be honest though… I was not very good when it came to my re-introduction period. I hopped right back into horrible eating habits, bloating, stomachaches, headaches, and self-esteem issues. It was awful. I didn’t feel in control of what I ate and put back on a little bit of my weight lost. But, as of yesterday, I am back to a 100% Whole30 diet until I feel like I can really embrace eating healthy 90% of the time with just a few off-plan foods here and there. I did find that grains make me bloat like no other, dairy causes my stomach to hurt, and sugar makes me crash around 10 am. It was really nice to figure those things out.

If you’re on the fence about doing a Whole 30 challenge, I’d say do it. I’ve loved how Whole 30 has changed my mindset when it comes to food and learning that food is not reward or punishment, but nourishment. Was it worth it to me to give up dairy, sugar, grains, soy and corn? Absolutely.

And now for a couple of pictures…

10312768_10103772724910931_5985264389679561797_n Day 5 of Whole30 and Day 30. 13 lbs lost. 2 pant sizes down. Self-confidence way up. 🙂

10350633_10103791834974211_6701980085039191583_n Our family pictures… aka “after”


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