baby J turns 2!

Well, the day has come. It’s TODAY actually. Today is Baby J’s birthday. He’s two. I don’t even know where to begin except to say that I love this little stinker more than words could ever describe. He is such a light in our lives. He was such a surprise and quite literally the best baby ever, and as a toddler, well… he’s awesome.


His personality is huge. He loves to make people laugh and is so silly. He loves all things sports, definitely a daddy’s boy in that way. Baby J is always on the move. He always wants to be running or wrestling or jumping off of a couch or sliding down a slide. He is stubborn as all get out. Once he gets an idea stuck in his head, it’s there and it’s his way or the highway, which has made for an interesting toddlerhood so far ;). He’s so insanely smart. The kid has been speaking in full sentences for months. He knows his colors, how to spell his name, and the name of each and every type of ball and how it needs to be thrown.

He loves to help mommy cook and is great at pouring the sugar into the mixer when we make cookies. He sings an awesome version of Jesus Loves Me, ABCD Dinosaur, and This Little Light of Mine. He has awesome dance moves and they usually will include spinning until he falls over. He loves to read and his favorite books are Rainbow Fish, If You Give a Moose a Muffin, and Love You Forever. He’s obsessed with trains and Thomas. He knows the names of the trains in the show and Percy is his favorite.

Basically, he’s awesome. He has a strong sense of independence and an extremely strong will, and while those are very challenging attributes for a toddler, they will be so beneficial as he gets older. He’s a talker and he is actually the most friendly child I’ve ever met. He’s obsessed with his mama, a trait that I both love and hate depending on the day. He loves to cuddle and give kisses. He will jump around like a frog and tell you “I a froggie mama!” while he’s hopping around the house. He’s my favorite.

There’s so much to this little person and I have been so insanely blessed to be his mama these last two years. While it’s been rough, he is such a joy. I couldn’t imagine having any other child beside my incredibly Baby J. Thank you, God, for giving him as our little gift. He’s the best and I pray that we raise him to love and praise You as much as we do.


Baby J, Happiest Birthday sweetheart. You are my little love and I am so happy to be your mama.



One thought on “baby J turns 2!

  1. Awe happy birthday, little man! How are our babies so huge??

    And I’m not going to lie, I’m exited to see what his birthday party will be like. Last year’s was so cute!

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