finding balance

I’ve kinda disappeared off the face of the planet again for the last several weeks and with good reason. I needed some ME TIME. What on earth is that, you ask? It’s time that this mama needed to take for herself and for her family. At the end of March, I went to Disneyland with a couple of friends. I came back and it was immediately back to reality. Reality in our world meant that I didn’t work for two weeks, and had a hubby who went out of town for 4 days in that time.



That whole idea of balance went out the window, even though that’s what I so desperately wanted to achieve by leaving town for a few days. I got some nice me-time, and then it was just me and Baby J for the last couple of weeks due to an out of town hubby, Young Life commitments, and just LIFE. What’s up with that, btw? Life being all busy all. the. time? Needless to say, we are still trying to figure out what that idea of balance really is.

I think for me, it means making sure that I work each week, whether that be only at our church or substitute teaching also. It also means that I need to work out a minimum of five days each week. When I’m able to, I attend my Fit4Mom classes to allow me to get out of the house. If I am unable to make the classes, I try to go for a run or do some yoga in the evening after Baby J goes to bed. Another thing that I strive for is that we need a date night one night (if babysitters allow), a family day, and that we attend church together weekly. All of this means balance for me, and for our little family.


To be perfectly honest, it’s been a challenge to figure out what balance is for our family. I stepped down from my role in our Young Life team in February and stepped in as a “support” to my hubby and our incredible team. It’s been hard. Really hard. I’ve felt like it’s a sacrifice for our family to not have Mr. Wonderful home 2-3 nights each week, on top of any other work commitments that may arise. The silver lining to this is that I’d much rather have him gone than both of us. Baby J needs at least one of us home in the evenings, so it was me that stepped back. And that’s fine. It’s just taken some adjustments, and some figuring out what balance looks like for us.


Sorry for all the rambling. If your family is also struggling to figure out what the balance is for your lives, I’d highly recommend that you figure that out. It makes such a difference knowing that each week, we can expect to have a date, some set family time, and what will help to keep some sanity amidst the chaos.



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