I really struggle with saying “no.” I always have. I always want to be the person that others count on to show up and do what’s needed. I always want to be the go-to person that takes care of everyone else and is considered “selfless.” It occurred to me recently that my “selflessness” is really “selfishness.” How is that so? Well, by wanting to be recognized for doing everything, that really isn’t selfless… and that REALLY isn’t Christ-like. That is not how serving and volunteering was intended to be. It is intended to bring glory to our Father… not ourselves. So, for this season, I’m stepping back a little. I’m going to embrace this and just do a few things well, instead of doing a lot of things just alright.

Initially, the decision to step back from various commitments was not my choice. I was approached and told that maybe it’s time to step back from something, and boy did that hurt. I’m the person that’s supposed to be able to do it all, right? But, God is really revealing that He has great plans for me during this season, plans for me to do His work and do it well. Ultimately, what I want is to bring God glory, and if stepping back from a couple of things will help me to do that better, I choose that. I choose that because at the end of the day, the most important things to me are my relationship with my Creator, my husband, my son, and those I love most. So, instead of doing it all, I’m going to do a few things… and I will do them well, so that one day, I will meet my Heavenly Father and hear, “Well done.”


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