birth and new life

As a couple of our close friends anticipate the arrival of their son, I have been thinking a ton about pregnancy, birth, and the new life that is about to come into this world. Folks, baby fever is in full swing over here, and that baby isn’t even born yet. I get teary thinking about that moment that I first saw my son, and I am so incredibly excited for them, knowing that they’ll get to experience that soon with their son.

I have always had a desire to be a mommy, especially to more than one child. I’ve even been bothering Mr. Wonderful about having Baby #2 for months… and months… and a few more months on top of that. I’m pretty sure that I’ve wanted to be pregnant again since I gave birth to Baby J. Crazy, right? It’s the most remarkable feeling to know that you’re growing a life inside of your body; to know that God chose YOU to be the home to a child and care for that baby from conception to birth.

Then, there’s the birth process. I get probably WAY TOO excited to hear birth stories. Being that I work in a natural baby product store, I tend to get to hear at least 3 each day I work, mind you, I ask. I could listen all day to how they brought their child into this world. For some women, homebirth is the only way to do it. For others, it was a scheduled C-section. I’ve come to find that whatever that birth story is, it’s INCREDIBLE. Moms, YOU are incredible. Congratulations for bringing that baby into the world! Bringing a baby into this side of the world is beautiful. Seeing the life that was created by the Creator of this world is amazing, and the adventure begins right then. You are now responsible for raising this child and protecting them and loving them, forever.

It often amazes me about how God uses our children to teach us about His love. We love our children unconditionally. God loves us unconditionally. We do our absolute best to take care of our children’s needs. God takes care of our needs. We hurt when our children hurt. God does too. We try to protect, discipline, and teach our kiddos. God does the same. It truly gives us an opportunity to see really how MUCH our Creator loves us.

I hope that someday I can have another child. I’d love to love another baby as much as I love Baby J. I’d love to feel the kicks in my tummy and see it expand daily. I’d love to know that I am creating life inside of me. I can’t wait to give birth again and see my child’s first breath, first cry, first everything. I cry every month when I get that reminder that I am not pregnant. But at the same time, I’m terrified to wander down the path of unknowns of life with two children, but lucky for me, I have awhile (as I am not currently pregnant). I’m scared that two kids means less freedom, less money, less alone time. But I know, that two kids means more love, more fun, and more adventure. I’ll let you know as that day approaches, but for now, I’m going to embrace one child, love him to the best of my abilities, and love on our friends’ new baby until I can have another of my own.

For those in my life that have yet to experience that, I hope you get to one day if you have that desire. For some of you, I pray nightly that you conceive a child and become parents, as I know that it is the desire you have for your family. For others of you, adoption is the route that the Lord has placed before you and there’s something absolutely amazing and beautiful about adoption of a child.

I’ll leave you with a picture of a brand-new Baby J. They grow so fast…




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