why we cloth diaper

Initially, we didn’t have any real interest in using cloth diapers for Baby J. Let me rephrase that, Mr. Wonderful didn’t have any real interest in cloth diapering Baby J. He was so opposed to it. To be honest, I can’t blame him. Washing poop??? REUSING diapers? Really?! It sounds horrible, right?

Well, it was a decision that was made when Baby J was about 8 weeks old. I had done some research and one of the topics one day at my breastfeeding support group was cloth diapering. The lady doing the presentation, Kristin (Krazy for Kloth Blog), did an excellent job showing us why it was such a great option for diapers. After running numbers and throwing facts at my hubby, he decided that we could at least look into it. So, we made a trip down to Zoolikins in Scottsdale to take a look. The owner/manager, Shira, did an incredibly job at showing us all of our options and helping us to find out what would work best for us. We chose a system that included contours and covers and also tried out a few of the other kinds of diapers as well (pockets and all-in-ones). We managed to spend $350, but considering a box of diapers that lasted a week was costing around $40, we decided it was worth the investment!


It really wasn’t as difficult to get into as you might think. Really, your child has poopy explosions out the back of paper diapers, so why would washing poop off of cloth diapers be really much different than washing it out of clothes? It’s not. And it saves a ton of money, not to mention the impact on the environment. I’ve been really grateful to say that all of our diapers are still working out really well for us and being that they are still in great condition, I hope that they’ll last through Baby #2, when that happens. It sounds ridiculous, but these diapers have been a lifesaver for us. On months that we could barely afford groceries, it gave us both a sigh of relief to know that at least we wouldn’t have to buy diapers for Baby J. If you’re looking into the option of cloth diapering your child and you live in Arizona, please please please stop by Zoolikins. They are such a huge help and will show you everything you need (in your price range and convenience) to make sure that you are a successful cloth diapering mama (or dada).

*Note: This is not a sponsored post. I just think Zoolikins is awesome and so are cloth diapers. 🙂


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