the most important thing

There are a lot of important parts of my life. I like to think that I live a very full, wonderful life with lots of friends, family, and general busy-ness. We go on play dates, commit to lots of different organizations through serving, work, and try to spend lots of time together. All of that being said, the more that I think about it, the less important all of those THINGS are, even though they are inherently good.

Today, as I was running around church like a chicken with my head cut off, I was questioning “why.” Why do I serve? Why do I have this deep desire to commit to every single thing presented (although, I’ve recently figured out the joy of balance and being able to say “no”)? Is it to fill my time with busy-ness? Is it to make myself appear as a “good person”? Why? Why? Why? And then, as it rained a little and I looked at my beautiful child, I realized that I do it all for His Glory. I do it for God. I do it because I was given grace, and love, and hope for an incredible life, therefore, I feel this urge to love those around me and show them God’s love and grace.

Some day, I’ll share the testimony of how Jesus saved my life and gave me an incredible new one. I was saved from attempting perfection and God showed me just how “wonderfully made” and accepted I already was. He has created in me a heart to serve and love others, that’s WHY I do all that I do. It’s one of His greatest commandments. So, the most important thing to me is my relationship with Him and making sure that all of my life is all for Jesus. All too often, I realize that I’ve placed my relationship with the Creator of the Universe on the back-burner. He is the most important thing in my life and I need to make sure that I am always giving that relationship the attention it deserves.

Tonight, as I wait for my husband to come home from YoungLife camp with adults with special needs (yes, I married another servant), I am thanking Jesus for all He has provided in my life and seeking more of His grace and love because it IS the most important thing.


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