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This week has been rough. I worked the first three days of this week (not the rough part) and then have been off for the last two. The hard part about working for three days in the beginning of the week is that I don’t get to spend time with my little guy, who’s been having a tough time with teething this week. He was running a fever and refusing to eat anything except watermelon, and therefore anytime mama was in the room, he had to be cuddling me, which I’m certainly not going to complain about. So, that being said, it’s been a rough week in our household.  This week’s favorites are the three things that have really made my week better and helped my sanity. By the way, Baby J has 6 (yes, 6!!!!) teeth coming in, and 4 of them are in the back of his mouth, so if you believe in the power of prayer, please say one for his little mouth. That’s GOTTA be rough!

1.  Haagen Dazs Caramel Cone individual ice cream cup

ice cream

I have a love for ice cream. It’s a bit ridiculous, but I could probably eat it all day every day. That being said, I don’t, but the occasional treat is really nice! Yesterday, after a day of having a very sad little boy cling to my body allllllllll day, my hubby brought home this ice cream. Oh my word. So good! So, if you’re having a bad day, this is a great way to cheer you up and the individual little cups make it nice so you won’t overeat it!

2. Lifefactory glass bottle


This one is a little ridiculous, I’ll admit that, but I tend to drink water more when I have something pretty to drink it out of. I got my Lifefactory glass water bottle from Zoolikins a couple of weeks ago and I refill this little guy up several times a day. I drink way more water than I used to! Probably because it’s a really pretty water bottle. And since I’m drinking more water, I’m drinking less juice, coffee, and tea, and feeling better about my body.

3. Fit4Mom (Stroller Strides)


Once upon a time, I thought that this was just a playgroup that walked around pushing their strollers… until I joined and fell in love with the idea that I can work out WITH my child in tow. I absolutely love that I’ve been able to meet new moms with kiddos who are going through (or have already gone through) the same stages that I’m going through with Baby J. I’d also like to add that the workouts are HARD. The instructors are incredible and offer lots of modifications so that there’s a level for every mama there, but I am pushed and motivated by them. It’s a great group and I am so glad to be a part of it!

*Note: These are just things that I love. I have not been compensated in any way to give my opinion of these products/services. 🙂


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