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I’m by no means a fashionista… although, sometimes, very rarely, I try to think I am. This week, I am on a tighter budget (due to overspending and under-budgeting last week…), so I have been daydreaming about shopping… and my favorite stores. Last night, Mr. Wonderful and I went to the Bruno Mars concert and so, naturally, during the day, I wanted to see if I could find something new to wear. I didn’t get to buy anything because with my lack of budgeting, I had like $10 to spend and Forever 21 didn’t have anything I felt like I had to have. That being said, this week’s favorites are my favorite places to shop, usually on the sale racks, because my taste is a little out of my budget. One day, I will learn to appreciate, love, and properly scour H&M and Forever 21 for cute clothes. 😉

1. Anthropologie


If you’ve ever walked into an Anthropologie, you know that this store is incredible. I absolutely LOVE their eclectic style with tons of colors, patterns, and accessories. Their sale section is a whole room, so, you can almost ALWAYS find something on sale too. I adore their quirky home accessories and most of those are actually reasonably priced. I usually buy a cute top or an accessory of some sort here and then wear it with jeans and sandals or boots. When Mr. Wonderful asks me where I want a gift from for my birthday, Christmas, etc., it’s almost always here.

2. Gap


I absolutely LOVE Gap for their t-shirts, jeans, shorts, dresses, shoes… ok, everything! Not going to lie, a good chunk of my wardrobe came from this store here. Their clothes are so effortless. They make great quality, long lasting t-shirts, and my Gap jeans have lasted me years. I love how simple their clothes are. Their price point isn’t as high as Anthropologie, but I love them just as much. If you’re a t-shirt and jeans mama, this is an awesome store for you.

3. J Crew


J Crew is a new favorite. I love how classic some of their pieces are. In a higher price range, I love to shop their sales online since a ton of the time, there’s an extra % off sale, which puts it in my budget. I love how they use lots of pastels, cardigans, and polka dots, all of which I love. Their pieces also last forever, so I know that when I invest in some of their clothing, it’ll last. Their accessories are also to die for if you’re into sparkle and statement pieces. Mama beware though, a lot of their stuff is dry clean only, so save for special occasions with your hubby or a girls’ night out without kiddos.

*** Note: I have not always cared to try to dress myself decently. There was a period of time, 50+ lbs. and 5ish years ago that I really couldn’t care less about how I appeared. I lived in baggy t-shirts and jeans and it took losing the weight, getting healthy, and watching a lot of Rachel Zoe Project and What Not to Wear to learn how to dress. There are still times where I look back on pictures though and think “what was I THINKING?” but, that’s all part of the fun.

For a cute fashion blog by my oldest friend (we’re the same age, we’ve just known each other 20ish years), go check out Heels in the Lab.

Oh yeah, and check out THIS outfit… (circa 2006 with my best friend, Megan; I’m on the right.)



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