3 favorites

I absolutely love to travel. I’ve decided this in the last week or so, seeing as we came home from CA and I left the next day for Lost Canyon (for YoungLives camp). San Diego is my favorite place on the planet, and I have a deep desire to move there someday. I’m doubting Mr. Wonderful will go for that, but a girl can dream, right? While we were gone, I re-discovered my love for walking and exploring places. I love being submerged into a city that I visit. The last few trips we’ve taken to San Diego, they’ve all be centered around different parts of the city, and each time, we’ve walked… a lot. Mr. Wonderful has yet to learn this happy, little tidbit about me and my love for walking, and forgot to pack good walking shoes… again. 🙂 Anyways, my three favorites for this week are from our vacation last week since I’m dying to go back already.

1. The Beach


My favorite part of our vacation was seeing Baby J LOVING every part of our vacation. He absolutely adored the beach; the water and the sand and all the people watching. There is really something special about seeing your child experience new things and seeing Baby J at the beach was no exception. My biggest issue with our days at the beach were the jellyfish, but none of us managed to get stung in the water or walking along the beach, so there are no complaints from this mama. Baby J loved sitting where the waves broke on the sand and getting a little wet and playing with that fun, watery sand. I’d also like to note that his beach attire was so freaking cute.

2. Shelter Island



I am completely biased as to why this is one of my favorite places in San Diego… We got married here! I love this little park with a great view of the bay. It’s so quiet and peaceful. Being able to spend our anniversary where we got married WITH our little boy was so sweet. I’m normally not super cheesy (Mr. Wonderful might beg to differ…), but with this, I got all sentimental and teary thinking about how much has changed over the last two years of our marriage and being able to go back to where it all “began,” flooded my brain with memories of one of the happiest days of my life.

3.  Pannikin Coffee & Tea

My parents have a timeshare close to the Del Mar Racetrack, so that means we’re pretty close to some great shopping, the beach, and duh, the racetrack. One of my favorite things to do while we were staying there was go to a cute, little coffee shop in the mornings. A couple of times, we even got the opportunity to sneak away without Baby J. Their pastries and food were incredible, and I absolutely loved my iced coffee every morning while we were there. I loved to walk over there since it was just a block away and then sit outside and enjoy the gorgeous weather.



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