last sunday…

Last Sunday, not only was it Father’s Day, but it was Baby J’s FIRST birthday. He’s ONE. It’s so hard for me to believe that a year has already gone by. We’ve been through so much in this last year and I have been extremely blessed to get the opportunity to be home with him full-time for this last year, although I haven’t always thought I was super blessed (more on my struggle with postpartum depression later…). Guys, having a baby is not easy… in fact, it’s HARD… not all the time of course, but a lot of the time it’s a huge struggle. It’s hard to raise a little one… and what I’ve found is that it gets harder as they get older and can communicate, move, and understand more. As much as it’s been difficult this last year, it has been, by far, the biggest blessing of my life. I’ve really gotten to understand the way that God loves us. I’ve gotten to understand what it means to give up everything for a little person. I love being a mommy, challenges and struggles and all. Baby J is incredible.

This last year has been awesome and I can’t wait to see what the next year brings with Baby J. This last week alone, we’ve already started something new… Mommy went back to work (part-time), thus going to someone else for the day. Baby J has also started running, understanding the commands to dance and sing, and he’s able to shoot some hoops (pretty well, might I add). We’ve had a birthday party, given up bottles during the day, and started cuddling a lot more. Basically, we’re pretty blessed…

For Father’s Day, we didn’t do much. We went to church, got lunch at Chino Bandido (Mr. Wonderful’s selection, of course), and then got dinner with my parents and Mr. Wonderful’s dad at Babbo. It was a pretty relaxed day, and for his gift, my husband asked me to do his laundry. I will happily oblige this week, now that I’m feeling better (I was hit with strep throat this week).

Now, pictures from Baby J’s “cake smash” photo shoot. They turned out so great and once again, they were captured by Keira at Keira Grace Photography. She’s been our photographer for our AZ wedding reception, maternity photos, newborn photos, and now Baby J’s one year photos. I’d highly recommend her for any of your photographic needs.
















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