baby J is ONE!

I’ve kinda disappeared off the face of the blogging planet recently… That’s due to the fact that we’ve been pretty busy. In addition to having a big one year old birthday party, I went and got myself a job. I started today, so it’s been a very exciting day starting a new job and leaving Baby J for the first time with a sitter. But it’s mostly been Baby J’s birthday that’s been consuming my life for the last few weeks.

Let’s talk about Baby J’s birthday party. We had an AWESOME first birthday party. It was super fun (and a little hot…), but it seemed that everyone who came had a good time. We invited 93 people (!!!!!!), but *luckily* only about 65 or so were able to make it. We did not anticipate his birthday being larger than our WEDDING, but people-wise, it was about the same. We have a lot of friends and I have a very large family, which makes it really fun for birthdays and holidays. Since our house is on the smaller side, we had the party at a local park and set up a pop-up and used picnic tables. There was a playground, a splash pad, and a train at the park, so it all was good. It never felt like there were 65ish people at the birthday party. We also had it in the morning since we live in Arizona and didn’t want everyone to melt.

On the menu was veggies, fruit skewers, hummus, pita chips, goldfish crackers, teddy grahams, popsicles, and rainbow popcorn… and of course, homemade cupcakes! We went a little overboard purchasing the food, so we ended up with like 10 lbs. of carrots, a bunch of fruit, and a ton of popsicles after all was said and done. That’s totally fine though because it’s better to be overprepared than underprepared! My cousin made Baby J’s birthday cake, which was adorable, even though Baby J didn’t really feel like digging in. We had a great time and I’m already looking forward to planning next year’s birthday party! 😉

Anyways, enough with the talking and here are some pictures!

















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