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This week has seemed to fly by so stinking fast. Why is it that time always seems to do that to me? I don’t understand. We’ve had a very busy week, hence the lack of posts and to be honest, I don’t even know what we’ve been busy doing! Just running around and cleaning and play dates and Stroller Strides and all that fun stuff. Just catching up on life, it seems like. This week’s favorites are awesome summer activities to keep you and your little ones busy, just like I’m hoping to do with my little booger.

1. Babytime at Phoenix Public Library (www.phoenixpubliclibrary.org)

We LOVE the BabyTime program at the library! We’ve gone a few times now and each time, it is awesome. We’ve gone to several other libraries for their Story Times and this one is just tailored to Baby J’s age group… that busy, inattentive, distracted, wanting to move group. 🙂 Their spaces are very limited, so I recommend getting there 20-30 minutes beforehand to make sure you get your pass. They do parachute activities, songs, read, and then also have playtime. It’s awesome and I’d highly recommend looking for a BabyTime at a library near you!

2. Splash Pads (Tempe Marketplace, Desert Breeze, and the Phoenix Zoo)

I love the idea of a splash pad. They are brilliant. Your kiddo can crawl/walk/run around and get to play in the water without you having to worry intensely about them drowning in a pool. Obviously, you still need to really keep an eye on your little one and be very close by, but my anxiety level is lower with a splash pad than a pool. Baby J and I have gone to a couple of these splash pads and he LOVES it. Just make sure to lather on the sunscreen so that your little ones don’t get burned in this hot AZ sun!

3. The Children’s Museum of Phoenix (childrensmuseumofphoenix.org)

I haven’t been, but I’ve heard INCREDIBLE things about this place! We can’t wait to go! They offer classes and activities for little ones and have tons to do and look at. I looked on the calendar and saw that they’re even open on Monday, which may mean that my little family will be heading over there for a morning of fun family time! If you’ve been, any suggestions???

What are some other great activities you’ve found to do over the summer in AZ? I’m always looking for fun things to do with Baby J during the day.


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