mother’s day


I had a lovely Mother’s Day this year. It was my first and it was simple and filled with family, relaxing, and food. This being my first Mother’s Day, was extra special. I didn’t get any fancy gifts, or an abundance of flowers. It was special because this Mother’s Day, I not only HAD my mother with me, but I was a mother as well. The greatest gift I have been given is the gift of life in my son. He is my joy. I love being his mommy.

However, in the midst of my gratitude of having my own child and my own mother, my heart ached. It ached for those friends who have been trying and trying and trying to have children, yet they are left with empty wombs and tear-stained pillows each month. My heart ached for those who have lost their mothers (including Mr. Wonderful). My heart ached for those who have lost children, both long after they were born, and prior to their birth.

Several women have been close to me this year who have had trouble getting pregnant (anyone else HATE the word infertility?), or miscarried, and two loving men in my life have lost their mothers. Sadly, I’ve been too consumed with my own life and my own child and my own family, I have forgotten that it HAS to be a difficult day (as I myself have never gone through any of the above), but yesterday, these ladies were near and dear to my heart. And I want to wish them a Happy Mother’s Day as well, even if some of them are not yet mothers because (especially those who have been close to my life this past year), we all nurture, protect, and love and we do that to those around us, not just our children. Happy Mother’s Day, ladies. You are loved.


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