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It’s funny how you always want things you totally can’t have. At least, it’s always that way in my world. If we are able to spend money and I’m allowed to buy whatever I want because I have a gift card or extra money, I can never find anything that I want. But of course, when money is tight, or I don’t have a gift card to spend at my favorite store that is way out of my normal day-to-day budget (Anthropologie, anyone?), I want EVERYTHING. It’s kind of ridiculous. So, as Mother’s Day approaches, I have compiled my three favorite items on my wish-list.

1. The Parachute Necklace ($46, http://www.31bits.com)


How perfect is this necklace for spring? Seriously. I love the colors and the length. Of course, Baby J would love to pull on those gorgeous strands of handmade beads, but whatev. I love this necklace and would love to add it to my collection. Plus, have you ever heard of 31 Bits? The jewelry is made by women in Uganda to help get them out of poverty. The organization also provides all sorts of other programs and education to these women to help them learn to support themselves and their community. It’s a wonderful cause.

2. An awesome summer tote bag ($49.95 at http://www.gap.com)


If you know me well, you know that I LOVE purses. And if you don’t know me well, you just learned that little tidbit. It’s kind of a big problem and a sick obsession. I, typically, only purchase purses that I can 1. justify spending an arm and a leg on, and 2. that’ll last, FOREVER. My most recent purse purchase and love has been my Emerald green Coach bag and I love it because it’s perfect for just a few of Baby J’s things, but enough space for mine too. I’ve carried this bag since I received it as a gift for Christmas. But now that summer is coming, I want a giant tote bag that can be used as both a purse and a diaper bag. One that pretty much swallows me up. I have a couple of those types of bags from Gap, and they have lasted forever, one of my requirements. Luckily, this bag doesn’t break the bank, so I think I might be able to talk Mr. Wonderful into splurging for this perfect summery, sparkly bag.

3. Comfy, cute shoes for chasing a little one ($90, http://www.sperrytopsider.com)


I used to make fun of “young” people who would wear Sperrys. I thought that it was ridiculous. Mostly because there was no way they could own a boat, thus needing boat shoes. But then I tried them on when I saw this cute pattern with SEQUINS at the store. Good lord. So comfortable. And cute. And they are flats and kind of like a sneaker in the fact that they have a lot of support. I was sold. But they’re a little out of my budget right now, so I am saving for these babies. These are a great summer shoe that has more support than my sandals and would be great with a pair of shorts and a t-shirt for chasing Baby J this summer. These are on my must-have list for sure.

Also on my list is some new pairs of shorts (since mine are all too big right now), a couple of summery shirts, a pedicure, sleeping in past 6:00 am, and a meal at my favorite restaurant, Liberty Market (Gilbert, AZ).


One thought on “3 favorites

  1. I have shoes like those! And you don’t have to own a boat to sail often 🙂 I wear these when we race on Lake Michigan

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