baby J’s 1st birthday

It’s hard to believe, but Baby J’s first birthday is right around the corner… and the party is as well. I have been thinking about his “big day” since he was born. See, I’m an entertainer. I love love love to take care of people with food and fun and invite people into our home. So, a birthday party, my sweet baby boy’s FIRST birthday might I add, is the perfect occasion to do this. Except, that his first birthday is going to be bigger than our wedding… We had 30 people at our wedding, so you’ve got to cut me some slack here. We have a guest list of over 50 people who we are going to be inviting to a local park on a beautiful Saturday morning to celebrate my baby. That being said, we live in Arizona, so the party is going to be in the morning. We’re really excited for it and it’s going to be a Brown Bear, Brown Bear theme based off of the beloved children’s book by Bill Martin Jr. and illustrations by Eric Carle. It is Baby J’s FAVORITE book and it’s a favorite of mine from when I taught as well. I’ve already ordered his invites (even though they’re still being printed and need to be mailed… because the party is in like 5 weeks), but the rest of it is going to be on the to-do list each day until his birthday. Here’s some of what I’m planning and inspiration through Pinterest.












birthday banner









Food will be themed around the colors and the animals and lots of fresh fruits and veggies and snacks since it’s at 9:30 in the morning. And of course there will be some delicious cake smashing and balloons and water guns (for the big kiddos) and bubbles, a park, and a splash pad. Just all kinds of fun for Baby J’s big day! We can’t wait!



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