When we first got married, I LOVED the home we created. I loved our couch, our chairs, the colors of the walls, everything about that house. The backyard was a slice of heaven with a jacuzzi, a fire pit, a patio set, a BBQ, a WATERFALL, seriously everything you’d want in a little outside oasis. I loved that house… until we found out we were pregnant. Once we found out we were expecting, suddenly everything about that house I hated. I didn’t like how “little space” there was. I didn’t like our couches, our kitchen, the color of the walls, how large our bedroom was (seriously insane, right?!), anything. Not to mention that I couldn’t keep that house clean. I certainly couldn’t keep Mr. Wonderful’s man room clean. But, that house was our first home together. It was the place where we brought Baby J home from the hospital. It was where we set up a quaint, little nursery for him and rocked him and nursed him countless hours for the first 6 months of his life. Regardless of how much I disliked that house after the news of our precious babe, it was home.

We have moved into a new home for us. We moved into a new house in December and I have fallen in love with this house. Yes, it has a dark red wall that I am itching to change, linoleum floors, and spots on the otherwise soft, white carpet. But this is our new home. I love that we now have space for a dining room set to seat six and entertain. I love that Baby J has his own play room. I love that our bedroom is smaller. I love the things about this house that others would otherwise dislike. I love that we are two miles away from my parents and five from Mr. Wonderful’s job. I love that I feel comfortable enough to walk anywhere and that there is a beautiful park about a half a mile away from our home.

What I’m learning is that home is where you make it. It really doesn’t matter if we are in two, three, or four bedrooms. It doesn’t matter if we have 3,000 square feet of home to fill or if we have 1,000. I have loved entertaining in this home and being able to serve those I love in spite of its smaller size than our last home. My home will never be Pinterest worthy, as much as I’d love it to be. 🙂 It will always have things that I want to change, or move, or paint. I will always be itching to re-decorate. My home will never be perfectly clean. There will always be dishes in the sink, floors to be mopped, and carpets to be vacuumed. I LOVE to clean, but I would have to clean 24/7 to be able to keep up with the mess that Baby J, Mr. Wonderful and Coffee, the dog, make. I am learning to be content where God has placed my family and I in our lives. Plus, Baby J’s room will always be a haven of peace and love and where we go to cuddle in the midst of the mess. (the pictures are from Baby J’s nursery in our old home, but it looks almost identical in the new home.)






Eventually, I’ll post pictures of our new home… after I paint that red wall and clean up the toys a little bit. 😉


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