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We just got home from a trip to the beautiful (and freaking FREEZING) Omaha, Nebraska. I have family there and we try to get out there at least once a year to visit. This time, we figured April would be the perfect time to go visit being that the temperatures would be close to 100 at home, and in the mid-60s there… or so we thought. It SNOWED. You guys, snow. In April. When all we packed was short-sleeved shirts and light jackets. Of course, this happened on the day that we had planned to go to the Henry Doorly Zoo there. Anyway, I digress. This week’s favorite things are my favorites that I found when we flew with Baby J. This was Baby J’s first flight, so I am by NO MEANS an expert in what works, but these things worked for us when we flew.

1. A good baby carrier.


This was the best thing ever in the airport for us. Baby J was secure and could look around. We used his travel system as a luggage cart to carry our 4 carry on bags… yes 4. I had a purse and a toy bag, and then Mr. Wonderful had his purse (aka backpack) and the diaper bag. This carrier was AMAZING when we got off the plane especially. It made it easy to get everything quickly instead of fighting with a wiggly 10 month old and get down to the baggage claim.

*Note: I had to remove Baby J and the carrier when going through security. The carrier had to go through the x-ray machine and I had to be pat down.

2. A cup of ice.

Simple. I thought that the friend that gave me this tip was crazy. I honestly thought, “My baby can’t eat ice. He doesn’t have teeth!” Well, my friends, ice melts. Duh. The cubes can be broken into smaller pieces if you’re paranoid about choking like I am. This was our lifesaver on the way to Omaha. This kept Baby J entertained for most of our trip there. And for a teething baby, even better. We noticed 5 little tooth buds the morning we got home, so I’m certain that the ice felt amazing on those sore little gums.

3. Snacks, snacks, and more snacks… and a few bottles


I have a very healthy eater. There’s no question about that. Baby J loves his food. He also loves his bottles. And nursing. Pretty much anything that can fill his tummy makes him happy. That being said, packing enough snacks and food and bottles and boobs for him was very important to his happiness during the flights. We packed 2 extra bottles than what we thought we’d need. We also packed 3 of those organic fruit and veggie pouches. And puffs. We packed those on the way home. On the plane, we were given cookies, pretzels, and we also bought a banana on the way to Nebraska from one of the food markets in the airport. When he’d get fussy, we’d give him ice cubes, food, or sometimes a boob. The bottles were also key in getting him to take a nap for the first little bit of both of the flights. He didn’t sleep for long, but every little bit of a nap on the plane was helpful. 🙂



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