10 months

Baby J 10 months

Holy, moly! Time seems to continue to fly fly fly right on by! Baby J is now 10 months old. Actually, his big 10 month birthday was YESTERDAY, but as you might have been able to tell from the lack of posts, we were out of town visiting family (more on our trip later…).

Baby J has had an eventful month, and to see him grown and develop a little personality just makes me so incredibly happy. He is still strong-willed, independent, strong, happy, well-behaved, curious, adventurous, and extremely affectionate. My favorite part of this last month is that he gives me a kiss and hug before he lays down for his nap. We used to cuddle and nurse and rock before naps, but when a certain little man decided to refuse naps for awhile, we moved on to a new way of doing things, which is no more rocking or cuddling or nursing. I say, “I love you,” give him a kiss, and put him in his crib. He fusses and talks and plays in there for a little while until he falls fast asleep. We’ve also started to go down to one nap most days, which means that his naps are super long, which is also extremely nice for me!

Other things that have happened this month:

– Celebrated your first Easter

– Baby J got his 3rd tooth (with 4 more on the way!)

– Has been on an airplane

– Has been eating 3 meals every day

– LOVES to play with balls and will chase them EVERYWHERE

– Tried egg yolks, yogurt, and beef

– Talks and talks and talks and talks alllllll day 🙂

Dear Baby J,

Little boy, you are your momma’s BLESSING. I love you so incredibly much and I am so happy I get to be home with you watching you grow and learn and explore. You are a joy. I have loved that this last month, you’ve made kisses and hugs are part of our routine. I love that you get shy and will rest your head on my shoulder when there’s someone new around. You light up any room, baby boy. Your smile and laugh are completely contagious. You love to eat all day, every day. You are growing into a toddler and before I know it, you’ll be one and walking and not my little baby anymore. Baby J, I love you more than all the stars in the sky, more than the moon, more than the sun, and more than chocolate. You are my angel.

I love you forever,







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