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As I was getting ready to write this week’s favorite things, I realized that not all my favorite things are actual THINGS… So, it wouldn’t be fair for me to try to post ITEMS each week that I love because, eventually, I will run out of items that I love. I’m going to be posting anything that has been my favorite from the week, whether it be an item, a memory, an event, or a business that I love and support.

With this week being Easter, I have loved getting to spend some time with family and friends. On Monday, we even got to go to the Opening Day Diamondbacks game, which neither my husband, nor I have ever been to. It’s been a fun week.

1. Easter Sunday


I love Easter. It’s probably tied as my favorite holiday with Christmas. This holiday has so much significance in my life being that I am a Christian, plus we love any excuse to see our whole family. This Easter was very special because it was Baby J’s first Easter. Now, he is too little for the candy and treats that come with Easter, so instead he got some of his own treats. He loved looking for the eggs around the room, shaking them, and then figuring out that they were filled with his favorite Happy Baby puffs. It was a really fun day filled with church, family, and then more family. His basket was small and simple with a couple of toys, some organic Earth’s Best baby food pouches, and a couple of those eggs with his “treats.”

2. Mr. Wonderful’s job


I LOVE that my hubby’s job is so awesome that it provides not only his income, but also perks and extras to us. He works for a company that often gives us tickets to fun things, like the Diamondbacks Opening Day game… in a dugout suite. We are extremely grateful.

3. Keurig Coffee Maker ($129+ www.keurig.com)


Does anyone else ever feel the need to have an IV drip of coffee in their arm at all times or is it just me? I LOVE my coffee in the morning… whether it be a yummy iced latte treat, or my black coffee, I love it ALLLLLL. I admit it, I have an addiction. I’m a different person after I have my cup of morning coffee. So, when Mr. Wonderful came home with this one day, I was super excited. This makes my life so much easier in the morning with a baby. I just put the little cup in, push a button, and voila, Baby J and I watch the coffee pour into my mug and suddenly, mommy is no longer sleepy mommy, but awake, alert, and ready to play. If you are like me and NEED your coffee, I’d highly recommend this easy coffeemaker.


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