3 favorites

I have several things that I love to use on a day-to-day basis… things that would make having a child, running a home, and being a wife much more difficult if I didn’t have them, so here it goes…

1. My Beco Gemini baby carrier ($130 at www.becobabycarrier.com)


I have discovered that baby-wearing is my saving grace when it comes to being able to be both a wife AND a mother. Baby J LOVES to be carried and held 24/7, which is great for me as a mama because I have a cuddly, loving baby, however, it makes life a little tough sometimes when I have a baby on my hip and have to cook and clean. So, we got another carrier first. I liked that carrier, but I didn’t like how bulky it was on my body. I didn’t like how scratchy the material was. So, I sold that other carrier, and took that money to put towards a new one because I liked the IDEA of that carrier though, so I began doing some research. I finally narrowed down my choices to two carriers, the Boba 3G and the Beco Gemini. I went to a store in Scottsdale, Zoolikins, and tried on both of the carriers. Both carriers had GREAT reviews online and both carriers were soft. Both were the same type of soft-structured carrier that I wanted, so trying them on was the key here. I tried on the Boba and it was a little wider than I was comfortable with, so that made the Beco Gemini the winner. I have used this carrier for at least an hour per day since I got it in the beginning of the month. I JUST figured out the back carry and it has changed my life too. I’d highly recommend this to anyone looking. ๐Ÿ™‚

2. Ball Pit Balls ($16.99 at Toys R’ Us)


Silly, right? Holy moly, these things have changed our LIFE over here. I saw something on Pinterest about turning that old pack and play into a ball pit for little ones. Baby J NEVER sleeps in his downstairs anymore, so we liked the idea and went in search of ball pit balls. Baby J LOVES them. He will literally spend an hour in his “ball pit” throwing every ball in there out and cracking up. It’s awesome.

3. My KitchenAid stand mixer ($199-$549)


We got our KitchenAid stand mixer as a wedding gift from my parents. We got a discontinued model, so they got it on SUPER clearance (on sale for $99 with an addition $30 off!!!!), and those deals are unheard of on these mixers. This thing has made baking such a breeze. I used to hand mix everything, and we’re not even talking with a hand mixer. It was ridiculous. So, when we were gifted this, I was SO excited since I love to bake. I have used this guy multiple times a week to make lots of different things. It’s been awesome. I’d definitely say that this is one of my favorite things in our home, and it’s not related to taking care of Baby J! ๐Ÿ™‚

*NOTE: I am not paid or given any of these items from any of the manufacturers. These are my opinions and things that work in OUR home.ย 


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