chili and cheesy biscuits

We had my father-in-law and Mr. Wonderful’s aunt over for dinner on Monday so I was tasked with the job of making dinner. Once again, I am not a gourmet chef, so I felt like I needed to make something that I would be able to make with a baby on my hip or in a back carrier. That led me to chili. Easy peasy because all you have to do is throw all the yummies into a crockpot and call it a day. Well, that wasn’t all I wanted to make. I thought about going to buy some of that cornbread that they sell already made at the grocery store, but that stuff has SO MUCH SUGAR in it that I didn’t want to do that to my family. I also wanted to use things I had in my pantry. I’ve made these cheesy biscuits before and they were a HUGE hit with my husband (He LOVES Jim ‘N Nick’s in Birmingham, AL, and told me he’d marry me when I learned to bake these… Seriously.), so I found the recipe again and made 12 yummy biscuits that left me with 1 leftover because even Baby J loved them. Both chili and the Cheesy Biscuits were a huge hit, so these will both be made again and again as staples in our diet. 🙂


1 jar of already made salsa (like Pace)

2 small cans of tomato sauce

1 can of chili beans

1 can of black beans

1 can of sweet corn

1/2 a jalepeno (diced)

1/4 of a red onion (diced)

1 lb. of ground beef

garlic, pepper, Tony’s seasoning to taste

1. Open up all the cans, drain the sauce from the chili beans, black beans, and corn, and throw it all into a crockpot.

2. Cook the beef until brown, throw that into the crockpot too.

3. Cook on Medium heat until ready to serve and eat because it’s yummy!

Jim ‘N Nick’s Cheese Biscuits Recipe:

I found the recipe here:



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