baby J’s birth story

WARNING: THIS IS A VERY LONG POST!!! If you don’t want to spend the next 10-15 minutes reading about how Baby J was born, STOP NOW. 🙂

Now, for those of you who’d like to know his story…

(I wrote this all down in September, almost 3 months after Baby J arrived, so it gave me some time to really reflect and remember the series of events…)

Well, that sweet baby boy of ours was born on June 16th at 12:41 pm. It was quite the event. 🙂 He’s wonderful and perfect and I love being a mommy SO SO SO much. I’m going to type out the birth story because it’s something that I’m actually quite proud of, in spite of the fact that everything was the exact opposite of our birth plan. So, here it goes.
On Monday, June 11th, I went in for an ultrasound and an appointment at 41 weeks pregnant. They wanted to check on the placenta and see if J was ok in there. We hadn’t even wanted to talk about an induction, but being that I was already a week overdue and this little man was measuring BIG, the midwife suggested an induction by the end of the week. We were super hopeful that J would make his own appearance in that time and that drugs would be completely unnecessary to get him out. Well, I had several false labor alarms, and Friday, June 15th rolled around, and it was time to get the induction.
We went to grab breakfast at my favorite place ever, Liberty Market, and then arrived at the hospital at 9:00 am. It was time to have a baby! Sort of. Maybe. We got all settled into the room (very spacious!) and I was checked. Thank God when I got there I was already 2 cm dialated and this made me SOOOO happy since I hadn’t been dialated at ALL for the two weeks prior. So, they got me started. The beginning of the labor was fantastic. They would put a hormone gel in in an attempt to dialate me, I’d have that, be hooked up to a monitor for an hour, and then get to walk around and eat for another hour. I’d come back, they’d check me, put more gel in and the routine would go again. This was heaven. I was allowed to eat, walk, and I wasn’t really feeling anything at that point. It was fantastic.
At 8:00pm (almost 12 hours after arriving at the hospital), I was only 4 cm dialated and not really having any contractions, so things were getting serious. Around 9:00pm, my midwife put something inside called Cervadil. Holy crap. After about an hour, the Cervadil worked its magic and I went from 4 to 7 cm dialated… within 30 minutes. Oh my LORD. I was shaking like crazy (think seizure), and feeling such intense pain that I couldn’t breathe. I was put on oxygen, given an IV, and offered an epidural. The answer was “yes, yes, I want the epidural!” So, I was given one. It was fabulous. Life was suddenly good again.
Around 11:00pm, my midwife came in and said she was going to break my water to get things moving more. So, she did that. Almost immediately, J’s heart rate went up to 180s, and I spiked a fever over 101. SCARY! So, they gave it a little while, and it still wasn’t going away, so around midnight, the team came in and said I needed a c-section. I was hysterical over it, but I knew I needed J out and safe and I needed to be ok too, and if that was how it was going to happen, then that’s how it needed to be.
Right as they were preparing me/us for the surgery, J’s heart rate went back to normal, and my fever went away. Thank GOD. My midwife asked if I wanted to continue to labor and try for a natural birth, and considering I did NOT want surgery, the answer was yes.
Morning came and I was fully dialated and 100% effaced. FINALLY. That was only part of my battle though as J had not dropped into my pelvis. He was still sunny-side up and as high as could be. That meant it was time for Pitocin. Whoopeee… More medication. This went in through the IV and the goal was to intensify contractions to squeeze J down. Well, after 5+ hours of this medication, J still wouldn’t drop.
At noon, they told me that there were no more options. I wasn’t going to have this baby naturally. J would need to come out via c-section. Once more, I was prepped and signed paperwork, but this time, the doctor who would perform the c-section came by the bed and allowed me to express all my fears and ask any questions I wanted. It was great. She was great. At this point, I was just so done being in labor (27 HOURS!!!) that I wanted this baby to come OUT. I also kept asking if they could give me something for my nerves since I was terrified of the surgery and being conscious during it. The answer was no, and they kept telling me that I needed to relax.
So, I was rolled into the operating room around 12:15 and my midwife went with just to hold my hand, since I was terrified. As they were putting up the curtain and getting all scrubbed up, I threw up from anxiety… all over this poor woman who wanted to be a support for me, my wonderful midwife. She was quite a trooper. After I was all cleaned up, the doctor began the surgery.
Within 5 minutes, I felt tons of pressure and heard the most perfect little cry in the whole world. They showed me J and WOW… BIG BIG BIG baby… with a cute little cone head. Poor little guy was stuck! He was trying though! They wiped him off and wrapped him up and I was crying. He was perfect. The most beautiful thing I’ve ever seen in my whole life.
So, there it is. Our birth story. J was quite a little stinker, but he was just so large that he just didn’t fit through my pelvis. I, 5’0″ woman, gave birth to a 9 lb. 5 oz. baby who was 21 inches long, and had a head circumference of 13.75 INCHES. After hearing his stats, I was grateful he was a c-section!
I know that was long, but here are a couple of pictures of my little angel.


41 weeks, 5 days pregnant


in my hospital room waiting to be induced… clearly, I was VERY nervous


there he is!!!



photo 6


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