9 months


It’s hard for me to believe, but Baby J is 9 months old already. He has grown and become this little man ALREADY. He is strong-willed, independent, loving, affectionate, silly, stubborn, active and determined. Each day with him, I am so incredibly blessed to be able to watch him grow and develop and just become himself. It’s incredible.

This month, Baby J has:

– started refusing my spoon-feeding him… so we’ve started finger foods

– started pulling up and cruising on furniture

– only 2 teeth still

– determined Mama is his favorite, and therefore separation anxiety has kicked in

– started blowing kisses and waving

– been to his first professional basketball game

– learned to climb stairs (UH OH!!!)

I can’t wait to see what the next month of excitement brings! 🙂

Dear Baby J,

It’s hard to believe you are now as old as the time you spent in my tummy! What a wonderful 9 months this has been! You have added so much to our lives it’s hard to believe. This last month, you began to REALLY crawl, pull-up, and seem to have figured out where you shouldn’t be playing. You’ve taught me how I need to be the best mommy to you through your attitude, your stubbornness, and your will. You are such a love. I love getting to cuddle with you on the couch in the mornings when you just want Mama time. I love that you give big, slobbery kisses when you see me. I love that you are becoming your own little man with your own personality. When I look at those big blue eyes, I see your dada. Holy moly, do you remind me of him. I am so grateful for you Baby J. You are my love. I love you more than all the stars in the sky, more than the moon, more than the sun, and more than chocolate!










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